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5 Things You Didn't Know Magnets Could Do

Magnets have revolutionized technology over the years, and still, they are doing wonders. They are used in high-tech equipment and simple uses at home and our offices. Magnets have different strengths, and this is what determines where they are used. The strongest magnet in the world is almost half a million times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field. For an IT professional this is amazing because of the potential it carries. Here are some magnetic uses that you may find interesting in your line of work.

Degaussing Hard Drives

Magnets have been used to remove an unwanted magnetic field in several equipment and machines. Degaussing hard drives is one of the awesome properties of magnets. Technically, physical destruction of hard drives does not completely get rid of stored data. This may be problematic for organizations with sensitive information that they want to dispose of.  Hard drives use magnets to store data, and degaussing ensures that even the tiny shreds containing magnetic properties are destroyed. However, improper degaussing can cause a security threat to the individual or corporation that is disposing of data. Here are some implications of inadequate hard drive degaussing:

Data breaches: This can cause devastating impacts on the security system of the company. It can also leak personal information of individuals that can lead to identity theft. 

Liabilities: Improper hard drive degaussing can be a liability to the company. The leak of sensitive documents may render the company vulnerable to malicious people.

Extortion and blackmail: Every business has secrets, and when they are leaked to your competitors they may push you out of business.

Legal process: Your company or business may be sued by the public. Especially when you required their personal information.

There are numerous degaussing equipment in the market which makes it easy to get an inefficient degaussing machine. NSA approved hard drive degaussers are the best for degaussing hard drives. Data disposal is one of the leading data breaches and NSA listed drive degausser provide some very efficient equipment.

Sleep Mode for Your Computer

It is interesting what a simple magnet can do to your Mac Notebook computer. If you place a magnet on your MacBook computer, it can go to sleep mode unexpectedly. Sometimes we forget and put magnetized gadgets on our computer’s palm rest. This can go in two ways, and that is switch on you PC or make it go to sleep mode. Piling up a computer over one other can also insight the magnetic interference on you PC.

Super Speed Cooling Fans

The motor is the most important part of a cooling fun. The electricity and magnets in the motor are responsible for the motion. You can create a super speed fun by using stronger magnets. This will make the magnetic field in the motor high and when little electricity you can achieve a super speed cooling fan.

CRT Monitors

Monitors are powered by the flow of electrons. The CRT monitors used internal magnets to project images on the screen. Placing a magnet or magnetic device near the monitor interferes with the magnetic field of the monitor, and that may also interfere with images being projected. The new LED and LCD are immune to this external magnetic interference.


We use cables for almost everything in our lives from electricity to internet connection. Most of the cables today are shielded against magnetic interference. But if the protection is stripped the cables became vulnerable to magnetic influence and changes. The magnetic field interferes with the quality of the signal that the cable produces after the magnetic field influence point.

There are numerous other things that devices with magnetic properties or magnets can be used. There is a simple complication that may arise with our electronic gadget and as an IT or tech professional telling a magnetic field interference on sight is necessary. Magnets can cause havoc when they are placed near your computers if you are using floppy disks.